ARUNKUMAR R. real estate agent profile


Texas License #: 806104


In 2006, what initially sparked our curiosity about Vastu Shastra soon evolved into a deep study of this ancient science, leading ArunKumar to establish a pro-bono consulting gig. With over a hundred satisfied clients, the desire to extend our services and benefit more individuals in the community propelled us to launch a comprehensive consulting practice in 2015 under VastuTruth brand name. Additionally, our Principal Consultant actively invests in farms, vacant land, and homes while providing expert advice on real estate transactions to Vastu clients. As our affiliated business expanded to encompass Vastu Consultation for over 5000 homes across the USA, we received numerous requests for assistance with real estate transactions, prompting our decision to obtain a Real Estate Agent license in Texas. Drawing upon the deep knowledge of the various markets and commitment to stay ahead of real estate trends, we embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure to help our clients through their best real estate agent partner in VastuAmerica.