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Are you a dedicated real estate agent seeking to maximize your earnings and minimize broker fees? We have a tip for you if you’re looking to save money. 

Pinnacle Realty Advisors, a cloud-based real estate brokerage, has a great solution for you and offers a unique Brokerage as a Service (BaaS) model focusing on real estate sponsorship and broker sponsorship. To help you make an informed decision, we have developed a real estate commission calculator to show you how much more you can make by joining our cutting-edge virtual real estate brokerage.

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*We calculate most common 3% commission percentage for your market
**The earnings are calculated based on Premier Plan at $249/month

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Using our real estate commission calculator is a breeze. Simply input the number of deals completed, the value of each deal, and any additional fees to discover how much you stand to save on commission fees with Pinnacle Realty Advisors. Our online real estate brokerage platform is designed to help you answer the question, “How much do realtors make?” and to show you just how much your earnings can increase by choosing our 100% commission real estate brokerage.

With our transparent pricing model, you can easily see how much you would save or earn in one year by making the switch to Pinnacle Realty Advisors.

You Deserve A Better Broker Sponsor

Best broker sponsorship advantages icluding fast setup, dedicated broker support, functional tools, 100% commission and low monthly fees Best broker sponsorship advantages icluding fast setup, dedicated broker support, functional tools, 100% commission and low monthly fees

With Pinnacle Realty Advisors, you can maximize your earnings potential and confidently grow your real estate business. Get started today, use our real estate commission calculator, and see how much you could save or earn in one year.

Factors in Calculating Commissions

house icon representing number of real estate sales transactions

Number of Transactions in a Year

The number of deals you close in a year as a Realtor can greatly impact your total commission earnings. With more transactions, you can expect a higher commission payout. According to Clever, on average real estate commission is 5.37%, with 2.72% going to the listing agent and 2.65% to the buyer's agent on each deal, but this figure may vary depending on the market and numerous other factors.

house with percent icon representing average transaction value

Average Transaction Value

Your average transaction value plays a crucial role in determining your annual real estate commission earnings. Agents working with high-end properties or larger transactions tend to earn more from their deals than those specializing in lower-priced homes.

icon repesenting 100% commission split that Pinnacle Realty Advisors offers

What Commission Percentage Do You Keep?

Pinnacle Realty Advisors proudly offers a 100% commission for most of our real estate agents meaning that the real estate agent keeps all of the commission earned after subtracting out any applicable taxes and fees you can keep all the commissions earned without hidden fees. Too good to be true? Click here and learn some of our agents' success stories.

icon representing one-time setup fee

How Much Do You Pay in Monthly or Yearly Fees?

Pinnacle Realty Advisors offers flexible monthly and yearly subscription-based options. Agents can choose an annual plan that requires a small, one-time payment and a small transaction fee instead of monthly payments. These plans are ideal for part-time agents with fewer transactions. Alternatively, we offer options with monthly fees designed for full-time agents who consistently close transactions, making the monthly model more suitable for them. All of our agents have access to special discounts on products and services throughout the year, which also saves a ton of money to spend on growing your business or keeping it in your pocket.

icon representing per transaction fee

Per Transaction Fee

Some brokerages charge a per-transaction fee, which can be in place of or in addition to a traditional commission split. To accurately calculate your commission take-home, it's essential to account for any transaction fees you currently have as part of a traditional brokerage.

icon representing bigger value that can be earned with Pinnacle Realty Advisors

How Much You Earned With Current Broker vs How Much You Would Have Made With Pinnacle Realty Advisors Instead

By inputting the average number of transactions, the average transaction value, and any applicable fees for your current brokerage into the calculator, you can easily compare the amount you earned this year to what you could have made with Pinnacle Realty Advisors. This will help you determine how much money switching brokerages could save or earn you in one year.

Why Using A Commission Calculator is Important

Don’t let legacy brokerages hold you back. With our commission calculator, you can quickly and easily compare different brokerages and decide if switching is the best option for you.

Our modern agency uses tools like this calculator to help agents improve their careers and maximize their earnings potential.

Embrace the future of real estate with Pinnacle Realty Advisors, the premier cloud-based brokerage. Explore our site to learn more about our comprehensive real estate sponsorship and broker sponsorship opportunities, and make the switch to our agent-first approach today.

Ready to transform your real estate career? Give our real estate commission calculator a try and discover the remarkable benefits of partnering with Pinnacle Realty Advisors, the best cloud-based real estate brokerage. Don’t wait – click here to learn how it works and experience the Pinnacle Realty Advisors’ difference today!

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Brokerage as a service is an innovative way of doing business that allows real estate agents to access the tools and resources they need while avoiding costly fees.

100% commission means you keep 100% of your commission after the deal is finalized. This allows agents to maximize their earning potential and take home more of the proceeds from each transaction.

Pinnacle Realty Advisors offers a wide range of services for real estate agents. These include back-office support, compliance protection, marketing resources, networking opportunities, and more.

A commission calculator is an online tool that helps real estate agents determine how much they could save or earn by switching brokerages. The calculator allows you to input the average number of transactions, the average transaction value, and any applicable fees for your current brokerage, so you can easily compare the amount you earned this year to what you could have made with Pinnacle Realty Advisors.

Pinnacle Realty is a company that helps real estate agents maximize their earnings. Making the move to Pinnacle is simple and fast. Our team will help you set up your new accounts and transfer any existing information, so you can earn more immediately. We provide easy-to-follow onboarding instructions to make the transition as smooth as possible. Additionally, our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter. Switching brokerages has never been easier!