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Kyle Southard


Kyle Southard was born and raised in Germany. Before calling Shreveport home, he served as an US Air Force Officer stationed in Turkey, Djibouti, Louisiana, Indiana, and Colorado. As a young officer Kyle earned the #1 stratification out of 94 Lieutenants in his Wing and later served as the Executive Officer to the 2d Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana–the largest bomb wing in the world. After investing in his own real estate projects in Colorado Springs, Kyle and his wife Kayla exited the Air Force and returned to the Barksdale area to enjoy its numerous real estate opportunities, particularly within downtown Shreveport. Kyle’s primary goal as a real estate professional is to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and highlight Shreveport’s rich history, low cost of living, vibrant daily life, and geographic advantages that make it the best city in America for multiple generations to live and work.