Sharla Slatter real estate agent profile

Sharla Slatter


I've always found my niche working in customer service and problem resolution. Give me a complicated issue, and I will untangle it. After years in the healthcare industry, and the burnout that ensued, I found myself wanting to make a change. I accepted a temporary (I thought) part time job as an admin in a real estate office while I figured out my next steps. However, this industry began to grow on me. I'm not a 'sales-y' person, so I wasn't sure this would be a good fit. What I learned was, while agents do help clients buy and sell real property, this business is so much more about our relationships with people and making sure they get the absolute best without being screwed over. Many of my clients have become my friends and repeat customers and I LOVE helping them and keeping in touch even after the transaction closes. No, I won’t always tell you what you want to hear. No, I don’t just open doors and collect commissions. Yes, I will help guide you through each step of what can be a complicated, and sometimes lengthy, transaction. And yes, I will answer your 500 million questions, more than once, because I am your advocate, and you are important to me.