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Highly accomplished agent Deniz Kahramaner leading the Atlasa team joins Pinnacle Realty Advisors

Deniz Kahramaner leading the Atlasa team joins Pinnacle Realty Advisors


Pinnacle Realty Advisors, a brokerage-as-a-service firm, has expanded its operations to encompass the bustling Californian market. Spearheading this significant leap is the highly accomplished agent Deniz Kahramaner, who leads the tech-savvy Atlasa team based in San Francisco. This milestone marks the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter in the real estate sector, embodying innovation and expansion in the Golden State.

“We are proud to offer agents a revolutionary platform that unlocks vast opportunities for single agents and teams seeking autonomy over their brand and business,” stated Sam Sawyer, CEO of Pinnacle Realty Advisors. “With the growing demand we have experienced, expanding into the California market is a natural progression for us.”

Kahramaner, a figure synonymous with excellence in the real estate sector, completed transactions exceeding $90 million in 2022 alone, which led the Atlasa team to the 11th rank by RealTrends in their market. Kahramaner brings extensive experience and success to the company.

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Deniz shares his perspective, stating: “Pinnacle Realty Advisors represents the future of real estate brokerage. Their Brokerage-as-a-Service platform combined with their wide knowledge of the region empowers me and my team to take control of our brand and allocate resources wisely, focusing on what truly matters for our specific business. At Pinnacle, agents are not confined to a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. With their innovative pricing model and a wide array of services tailored to the California market, we have the freedom to run our businesses according to our own vision and preferences.” Kahramaner expresses an affinity for Pinnacle’s freeing atmosphere, where agents are encouraged to shed the restrictions of standardized approaches. 

As Pinnacle Realty Advisors enters the Californian market, it aims for innovation, challenging and redefining industry norms. The synergy between Pinnacle’s forward-thinking approach and Kahramaner’s proven track record of success sets the stage for a future where agents can forge their paths unbounded by traditional constraints.


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