4 min read · October 19, 2022

Introducing PinnacleHQ — an online platform for all things real estate

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Since the founding of Pinnacle Realty Advisors, our goal has been to turn over the real estate brokerage ecosystem upside down and build a better platform for agents.

Every agent who joins the Pinnacle Realty Advisors brokerage platform will have access to PinnacleHQ where you’ll be able to run your day-to-day business. Everything from marketing services, SkySlope forms, vetted vendors for your clients, exclusive deals to help you run your business better as an agent and so much more.

Our team validates every single vendor who joins the PinnacleHQ platform to ensure the highest quality for our agents.

Let’s dive into the key features of the platform and learn how you can benefit from this new and exciting tool.

Benefits of PinnacleHQ

PinnacleHQ gives you access to vendors to operate your real estate business and suggest resources for your clients. Everything you need is just a few clicks away:

  • Marketing Services
  • Vetted vendors
  • Tools, tech and resources for your day to day business operations
  • Virtual Office – access important contract documents and company information from anywhere

How to use PinnacleHQ

When you log into PinnacleHQ, you can quickly access important resources from your dashboard. These features also fall under different categories on the left side menu:


New Agent Onboarding

Streamline the process of switching to Pinnacle Realty Advisors for new agents. This section guides agents through onboarding, including documents you need to sign, organizations to update, and useful accounts to set up. All in one place, everything online.

Wiki Of Important Resources

Access company-specific information in one directory. Everything from legal templates, SkySlope forms, and other valuable resources. You’ll find links to all the tools and apps for real estate agents to make your life easier.

Marketing Services

Successful agents invest heavily in marketing to stand out, attract new clients, and build their personal brand. PinnacleHQ covers all your needs and more. Just pick a marketing service you need, and we’ll connect you with our trusted partners.

Whether you need help in building your personal or property website, or even creating a logo — we have your back.

Tools & Resources

Whether you need help locating a lead generation tool, marketing services, a new agent website, continuing education credits, or discovering new tools for your business you can browse our special deals section to find special discounts. We have best-in-class partners providing exceptional services at discounted prices for our PinnacleHQ members.

  • Lead generation. Leads are the lifeline of your business, and we search constantly to provide lead generation tools to our agents. We have an entire list of options for you to browse, and we are always on the lookout for new methods and tools to help with lead generation.
  • Education. Need to find licensing classes or continuing education credits? You can find the top real estate schools in every state on PinnacleHQ and sign up for classes. We are always adding new courses, valuable continuing education credits and certifications for agents, and the top tier real estate coaches to this database, so please stay tuned for more to come.
  • Marketing tools. Photo and video editing, virtual staging tours, flyers, signs, website builders — whatever you need in your real estate journey, we have a solution.
  • Online security. From password managers to VPNs — pick top-notch tools to stay safe online and manage your digital life. Data breaches happen every day, therefore it’s important to protect your real estate business and various accounts you use.

Vetted Vendors

Every single real estate transaction involves 20+ vendors from beginning to end. Agents and home buyers and sellers are constantly looking for top-quality resources to aid in this process, and we are populating PinnacleHQ with a dedicated section to help agents find trustworthy vendors for themselves and their clients.

We constantly update this list, so you and your clients can always trust our database of resources is updated and trustworthy with relevant information. We know real estate agents are called by their clients year round for trusted vendor recommendations, and we hope this tool improves your connection and relationship with previous, existing, and future clients to help grow your reputation and business.


Onboarding documents, tax items, and other pertinent information for your affiliation with our brokerage platform will be accessible at the touch of a button via our documents section inside of PinnacleHQ.

What’s next?

We believe PinnacleHQ is a breakthrough tool for real estate agents and clients. We are taking a partnership approach with our platform and connecting agents with the best of the best in every single category that revolves around real estate. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please send us a message. Together we will build a better product and a better future for agents, consumers, and every single person who is involved with a real estate transaction in the future.


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