2 min read · May 11, 2023

Is 100% Commission The Future of Real Estate Brokerage? Sam Sawyer on Keeping it Real Podcast

Is 100% Commission The Future of Real Estate Brokerage? Sam Sawyer on Keeping it Real Podcast


The Keeping it Real podcast with Sam Sawyer features a discussion on recruiting and switching brokerages in the real estate industry in 2023. Sam Sawyer, the founder and CEO of a Brokerage-as-a-Service company Pinnacle Realty Advisors, a real estate professional with extensive experience, is the guest on the show. He shares insights into his career journey, which began at a young age when he obtained his real estate license while in college. He later worked at established real estate firms and even ventured into Silicon Valley before founding Pinnacle Realty Advisors in Austin, Texas.

Pinnacle Realty Advisors offers a unique business model in the real estate industry, described as “brokerage as a service.” This model offers a subscription-based platform that operates virtually, providing agents with various plans to choose from, catering to both new and experienced agents. The company emphasizes lower costs while ensuring quality service. Sam highlights the importance of building a platform that serves a wide range of agents, from those in remote areas to those in bustling cities.

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Sam also discusses the changing landscape of the real estate industry, where the agent’s personal brand has become more significant than the brokerage’s name. He emphasizes the importance of agents proactively seeking referrals from their clients and contacts, using creative and non-intrusive methods to do so. Additionally, Sam advocates for mentorship and team participation, believing that it can help newer agents jumpstart their careers.

In terms of expansion, Pinnacle Realty Advisors is gradually expanding its presence in several states, with a focus on markets like California, Texas, and Florida, where there is considerable interest in their unique business model.

In summary, the podcast episode with Sam Sawyer delves into the changing dynamics of the real estate industry, the importance of adapting to new business models, and the significance of personal branding and referrals for agents’ success. Pinnacle Realty Advisors’ innovative approach to brokerage services is presented as a forward-thinking solution in the ever-evolving world of real estate.


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Pinnacle Realty Advisors is the world’s best Brokerage-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that empowers real estate agents in both residential and commercial sectors, enabling them to build their brands autonomously through a subscription-based model offering a comprehensive suite of services, support, and access to cutting-edge tools via proprietary technology PinnacleHQ.

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