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Lead generation strategies, tips, and ideas for real estate agents in 2023

lead generation for realtors

As a real estate professional agent and real estate broker, generating leads is crucial to the success of your business. Without a consistent flow of leads, it can be challenging for Realtors to grow their client base and make further sales. 

Lead generation tools are like virtual assistants for real estate professionals, working tirelessly behind the scenes to identify and attract potential clients. These software programs or platforms are designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the lead generation process, helping real estate professionals save time and focus on other essential tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of real estate, lead generation tools can be an invaluable resource, giving you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business and take your career to the next level. So, it is a must-have instrument for every real estate professional.


What is lead generation for real estate agents?

Lead generation is an essential part of the real estate business. It involves finding potential clients interested in buying or selling a property. As a real estate agent, you can use various techniques, tools, and software to generate leads and grow your business.

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Top lead generation strategies for realtors

While there are a ton of lead generation strategies for realtors to choose from, remember that the most important thing is that your strategy caters to potential leads throughout every step of the customer journey. By doing so, real estate agents will be able to gather as many leads as possible in the most efficient manner. Many different lead generation tips and technology are available, each with unique features and benefits. Some of the most common ones include:

Working on your personal brand

As a real estate agent, building your brand is key to standing out in a competitive market and attracting potential clients. One creative way to do this is by establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry through writing informative blog posts or creating engaging social media content. Also, consider hosting educational workshops or webinars for your community or even starting a podcast to share your insights and expertise. The sky’s the limit – get creative and find what works best for you! Forbes has written a great article on self-branding for real estate agents, so make sure to go through it!

Creating a visual style 

Creating a visual style is an effective way for real estate agents to capture leads and stand out in a crowded market. It can include:

  • Using professional, high-quality photos of your listings.
  • Designing a visually appealing website or social media page.
  • Developing a consistent color scheme and branding elements such as logos and fonts.

People are drawn to visually appealing content in today’s digital age, so developing a robust visual style can help you attract more potential clients and establish yourself as a reputable and professional agent. Be bold, think outside the box, and get creative with your visual style – the more unique and eye-catching it is, the more likely it will capture potential leads’ attention. 

Agents at Pinnacle Realty Advisors use AgentByDesign services to create custom templates for listings, properties, and personal brand development. Other well-known alternatives are online graphic and video design platforms like Canva, Crello, and Animoto, with numerous easy-to-use and customizable templates and brand styles. 

Create a website based on your style. 

Creating a website using design elements that correspond to your style will help you look more professional and visually appealing. Your website’s color scheme should coordinate with the colors you’ve decided to utilize throughout the rest of your business, including social media, blogs, and other content marketing. Include your logo, but avoid crowding up your website with irrelevant elements.

Here are a few website builders real estate agents use: 

Placester, for instance, provides easy-to-use website-building capabilities and a wide choice of support and service offerings. If your budget is limited, the DIY plan enables you to utilize its attractive IDX website designs and quickly add blogs and content to grow your audience and develop your pipeline. As your company expands, you can either upgrade to the ‘Do-it-for-me’ plans or outsource one-time jobs to the service market to have a team of experts handle your website.

Placester does not automatically generate leads or clients for new real estate brokers, nor is it the most cost-effective alternative. However, it can allow you to easily create and manage a visually appealing website and help you create a presence in the market. 

Another option many real estate agents use is Real Geeks – an all-in-one sales and marketing platform to generate leads and grow your businesses. The platform’s customizable Internet Data Exchange (IDX) website, target landing pages, and online sales and marketing tools drive high conversion rates to foster lead generation. Also, it provides a robust built-in client relationship management (CRM) tool, and automation capabilities increase an agent’s return on investment through paid ads. 

Host open houses

Open homes are a goldmine for real estate leads. Anyone who shows up at an open house could be a potential lead. Compared to other lead generation techniques, open houses are wonderful because they allow you to interact with individuals in person. Face-to-face interactions are better than email for establishing warm connections with prospective clients. 

When hosting an open house, introduce yourself to every visitor and share as much information as possible about the home and yourself. Getting as many people’s contact information as possible and getting in touch with them after the open house is another critical step.

Use email marketing tools

Email marketing is a powerful tool for real estate agents looking to generate leads. By sending targeted, personalized emails to potential clients, agents can build relationships and establish themselves as industry experts. Personalization is also vital – try using the recipient’s name in the subject line or including content specific to their interests or location. Also, to make your email marketing campaign more effective, you can segment your list according to your buyer persona and lead status.

Email marketing platforms offer the easiest way to manage your email campaigns in a matter of minutes. Platforms like SendX, ConstantContact, and GetResponse can become one of your most valuable assets to capture new leads and nurture existing ones. Check out our blog post to learn more about companies!

Managing and organizing your leads and client interactions is a crucial part of real estate, and the easiest way to do that is through client relationship management (CRM) software. Our team has compiled a list of some of the best CRMs in the market in a separate blog article.


Digital advertising and presence in social media.

Another effective technique is to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients. You can create a business page on these platforms and regularly post about your listings, market updates, and other relevant information.

Content marketing attracts potential clients to your website involves creating and sharing valuable content on your website and social media channels, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics. Generating useful and interesting content can help you establish yourself as an authority in the real estate industry and attract visitors who may be interested in your services.

An organic reach can be an excellent tool for reaching your audience and generating a few leads, but it could be more scalable. You can also use social media advertising to target specific demographics and reach a wider audience. Pinnacle Realty Advisors has partnered with MediaSparkline agency which has extensive knowledge of digital marketing in the real estate industry. It offers PPC campaigns

Lead generation services for agents

One of the fastest ways to acquire and handle real estate leads is through technology. Your objectives determine the service you choose. We suggest a few lead generation platforms that Pinnacle Realty Advisors agents find the most beneficial:

  • REDX is a service that mines lead from expired listings, FSBO listings, and pre-foreclosure records. You can also use its GeoLeads service, which grabs homeowner information from specific neighborhoods you’re targeting.
  • Real Geeks. All is one solution for real estate agents, teams, and brokers, with website builder, CRM, and lead generation tools under the same roof.
  • Coffee & Contracts. Ready-to-use marketing database, customize your digital resources, increase your visibility, attract new followers-turned-clients., and generate new leads.
  • BoomTown. Boom Town is an excellent lead generation software for realtors who want to outperform their competition by generating many unique lead profiles. BoomTown only uses pay-per-click advertisements to deliver leads with thorough information. 


Video Marketing

video marketing done for realtors

For realtors, video marketing is a compelling technique for generating leads. Videos are ideal for showing people what properties look like before they commit to an in-person tour. 73% of homeowners would prefer to list with a real estate agent who uses video, while 58% of buyers want and expect to watch a video of a home they’re considering buying online. Therefore, video marketing is a vital tool for generating new leads. Companies like Momenzo and Animoto have endless real estate video templates to choose from. Check it out on PinnacleHQ!


Networking is an essential aspect of every business, and real estate is no exception. Growing your network of people and meeting new individuals are crucial steps in establishing your name in the market. Networking with other real estate professionals can be done in closed circles, but it continues beyond there.

Almost every social encounter is a chance to network. People will think of you the next time they need to purchase or sell a home if you establish yourself as an expert in the industry and all things real estate. You have more potential leads the more individuals you know.

Referrals are another significant source of real estate business growth. Referrals for real estate might come from current and former customers as well as from coworkers, friends, family, and suppliers. In fact, 39% of sellers who utilized a real estate agent discovered them through a referral from friends or family, and 27% used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a house, according to National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) figures published in May 2022.

Boost your lead generation efforts today!

In the real estate industry, generating leads is not always simple. Building a credible personal brand and successful marketing techniques takes time. But don’t give up yet! Even though there can be tough competition, if you follow the advice in this article, you will quickly start getting new leads.

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