10 min read · January 26, 2024

Revolutionizing Real Estate: How Pinnacle Realty Advisors’ Brokerage as a Service Empowers Team Leaders

Recent events in the real estate industry have seen many online brokerages adopt a Brokerage as a Service model. It’s a sign of the times – though at Pinnacle Realty Advisors, we’ve been using this unique approach for much longer! 

We’ve been pioneering the Brokerage as a Service model for real estate agents for many years and believe we offer the superior service to help exhibit the most real estate team growth for clients. If you’re looking for ways to improve your real estate business autonomy and get better results, our BaaS is the perfect solution. 

What makes it so different from other models out there? It’s simple, our Brokerage as a Service is built around your company with a firm focus on the points below:

  • Innovative Subscription-Based Pricing
  • Financial Control and Flexibility
  • Building a Team on Your Terms
  • Streamlining Back-Office Operations

We’ll explain these points in more detail throughout this blog – but first, what is Brokerage as a Service? 

Brokerage as a Service for real estate teams

What is Brokerage as a Service (BaaS)?


Building your real estate brand is difficult, especially when there are so many “one size fits all” services out there. Brokerage as a Service is a new approach to achieving real estate business autonomy and growth. 

Instead of getting a structure and being forced to follow it, you’re in control of how your brand is built. We help you by listening to your needs and making implementations that suit your requirements. You only pay for what you use – and can take full advantage of the following features. 

Innovative Subscription-Based Pricing

Are you sick of paying typical membership-based model prices where money comes out of your commission? Many companies offering Brokerage as a Service do this, but Pinnacle Realty Advisors differs. 

We offer a range of subscription-based pricing plans with annual options to fit budget-minded Realtors and monthly subscriptions for teams and individual Realtors who have a growing business. 

Sounds appealing already, doesn’t it? Well, we’re also proud that there is no commission split with us, nor do we provide additional brokerage fees. This is a complete contrast to traditional brokerage packages that often claim a 30% commission split and charge hundreds of dollars a month in extra fees. 

This model lets your team leaders set their own splits and custom fee arrangements, so you can tailor the whole service to suit your goals. In the end, you’re given a flat rate that’s payable every month and won’t change. 

Many of our existing clients are thrilled with the cloud-based service model, including Bill Rugg – Founder of Pintail Real Estate Group. We worked with Pintail to help them grow their real estate brand and Bill was very generous in his comments about our pricing. He stated that he was “more than pleased with the pricing plan and services provided for what I’m paying for. I would totally recommend Pinnacle!” 

white label real estate solutionsAt the end of the day, we know that all real estate companies are different. We also know that you depend on sales and commission to make money – so we don’t want to eat into that. That’s why our subscription-based approach is so unique; most companies providing Brokerage as a Service will try to eat into your bottom line. With us, you get a partnership that’s built around consistent growth and revenue increases. 

Financial Control and Flexibility

Effective budget management is crucial if you want a real estate business to be successful. You need the ability to do the following: 

  • Manage your budget more efficiently
  • Quickly adjust to market changes
  • Optimize profitability

Doing this alone is a struggle, which is where a brokerage comes in to help. Unfortunately, many brokerage firms will not give you full control and flexibility over your finances. You’re stuck doing things a certain way or being forced to follow a certain budget. 

Pinnacle’s Brokerage as a Service turns this around and completely revamps the financial side of things. We give you unparalleled control over your finances; you pick and choose where money gets spent and how you can manage your budget with more efficiency. In turn, it allows you to adapt to any market changes before they happen, rather than after. You can prepare for good or bad scenarios so these changes don’t harm your bottom line. 

As a consequence, you can optimize profitability by reducing your expenses or uncovering new areas for growth. Our Premier subscription plan is the ideal example of this in action. You could opt for the Annual price plan and pay $495 per year. However, there are fees for residential transactions made throughout the year. If you make 12 residential sales up to $400,000 in a year, you’re paying $250 per sale. Granted, these fees are still better than most, but what if you chose the Premier monthly plan instead? Here, you pay $249 per month but have no residential transaction fees to worry about. Think about all the money this saves! It also gives you the ability to make commercial transactions, so it widens your capabilities and provides new revenue streams. 

As if that’s not enough, you could negotiate team splits or commission structure with team members, offering even more financial flexibility. Our Brokerage as a Service gives you more real estate financial control than ever before. It’s all about making your money go as far as possible without putting a strain on your budget. You get to manipulate things and use the service to suit your specific industry requirements. There’s constant agent support as well, so if you ever need a hand with budget issues or want advice, we’re always here to help. 

Building a Team on Your Terms

Real estate team growth is only possible when the leader’s vision and values are followed. That’s where many real estate agents fail as they try to build a company. They partner with brokerage firms that force them down certain pathways. 

We never do this. We think that your business should be your business, not ours. 

buidling real estate teams with brokerage as a serviceOur Brokerage as a Service model offers true real estate business autonomy. What does this mean? In essence, leaders get to recruit, retain, and manage their team members in a way that aligns with their business strategy. You make your own decisions without being controlled by us in any way. We’re simply here to provide support when needed and give you access to a range of incredible tools that make your life easier. 

We can call upon loads of agent testimonials to back this up, but two of the best come from McLemore Team and Loessin Properties. Both signed up for our Brokerage as a Service and commented on the freedom and autonomy it provides. 

Ryan and Allyssa McLemore, founders of the McLemore Team, specifically stated “We love Pinnacle mainly because we get to run the business how we want to run the business. You get to choose your own path and you’re not limited.” 

Meanwhile, Kelly Loessin of Loessin Properties commented “I wanted to have my own brokerage and have my family be a part of it, which they are now. I wanted the ability to start my own brand and marketing and be able to own my own company. I highly recommend Pinnacle Realty Advisors.”

Both of these case studies show our Brokerage as a Service model in action. The McLemore team had a very unique path they wanted to go down and required the autonomy to do so. We gave it to them and provided the supporting foundations, letting them pursue a path that met their needs with no roadblocks in place. 

The same can be said for Loessin Properties; Kelly wanted to make a family business and our service empowered him to do so. He created his brand from the ground up and has full control over it. 

A big aspect for both companies was the chance to recruit team members and grow in a way that aligns with their core business strategy. You’re always in charge of who you recruit, though we empower you with tools to make the whole process easier. This includes negotiating team splits, but it also involves our unique onboarding process. Our team will onboard your new agents so they’re up to speed with everything in your organization. It leads to less downtime and more proactive agents entering the fray right away. 

Streamlining Back-Office Operations

As a team leader in a real estate business, you don’t have time to focus attention on back-office operations. You’re busy managing the company and trying to grow your teams and business. It’s too easy to become bogged down by all of this extra stuff, making it harder to focus on what matters the most. 

That’s where our Brokerage as a Service model shines. It’s perfect to help you streamline real estate back-office processes, freeing up more time for team leaders to do what they need to do. 

We take the hassle out of these processes by handling countless administrative tasks, compliance documents, and countless other logistical challenges. It’s all done online through your very own virtual office: Pinnacle HQ

Think of this as an online hub where all of your day-to-day tasks get handled. If you’ve got documents that need to be stored or looked after, upload them to our Document Depository. It all gets stored in one place for your convenience and they can easily be accessed at any time via a quick search function. 

Alongside this, Pinnacle HQ can be loaded with things like legal templates, SkySlope forms, and many other valuable resources. We keep all of these in a library, presenting simple links that you can click and be presented with what you need. It stops instances when you’re wasting time drawing up documents or looking for templates; they’re all here in one place, clearly labeled for you to see. 

And who can forget the importance of vetting vendors before engaging in partnerships? We streamline real estate back-office tasks like this by doing it for you. The Pinnacle HQ platform includes hundreds of vetted vendors that you can call upon throughout the sales process. This includes: 

  • Home & Living
  • Financial Services, Insurance & Legal
  • Internet & TV
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Moving & Storage
  • Home Improvement, Cleaning & Repair

When you need a vendor, all you have to do is check out our Vetted Vendors and get in touch. You don’t have to spend hours or days researching different vendors in your area or comparing reviews to see which ones to trust. The entire vetting process is done for you, so it’s just a case of sending an email or making a phone call with full confidence that you’re getting an excellent vendor. 

Our whole service is built around making it easier for you to run your real estate business. Look, you know what you’re good at and you know where your priorities lie. You need to grow your team and find new business opportunities to make more money. You can’t afford to spend the majority of your time handling back-office tasks. Let Pinnacle take the strain off your shoulders so you’re 100% focused on creating a bigger and better company. 

Experience The Benefits Of Our Brokerage as a Service Model Today

Pinnacle’s Brokerage as a Service model is designed to provide a wealth of benefits. We NEVER take a commission from you, so all of your sales go straight to your bank account. Our service is purely subscription-based and you control how much you pay and the services you get in return. 

The flexibility is unmatched, and you have access to countless resources through Pinnacle HQ, giving you a virtual office in the cloud. All of our clients enjoy full real estate business autonomy as they make the big decisions and choose how their business is run. 

Want to learn more about our service? Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation consultation and we’ll schedule a FREE demo so you can check everything out before signing up.