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UpEquity and Pinnacle Realty Advisors Partner to Transform Real Estate Buying & Selling

UpEquity and Pinnacle Realty Advisors Partner to Transform Real Estate Buying & Selling


UpEquity, a digital real estate company, announces a strategic partnership with Pinnacle Realty Advisors, the world’s best BaaS (Brokerage-as-a-Service) provider. Together, they are revolutionizing the way agents and their clients navigate the challenging process of buying and selling.

The UpEquity Trade Up program is a “buy before you sell” solution for homeowners seeking a seamless transition from one residence to another. UpEquity works directly with real estate professionals and their clients to remove the burden of home sale contingencies and unlock the equity tied up in their existing homes.

The partnership with Pinnacle Realty Advisors demonstrates UpEquity’s commitment to enhancing the agent experience. During the ResiRE 2023 event, Timothy Herman – CEO of UpEquity – shared insights into the current US housing market, addressing the persistent supply problem originating from the market collapse and subsequent bankruptcies in the construction industry.

Despite the recent trend of smaller housing units, the overall shortage remains a challenge exacerbated by market turbulence and rising interest rates. “As interest rates continue to rally, demand for housing goes down, and supply is tightened even further. Most sellers are increasingly anxious when it comes to finding a replacement home,” Tim explains.

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However, Herman emphasizes the significance of homeownership for accruing and retaining generational wealth. He advocates for the economic benefits of fixed-rate mortgage payments over a 30-year period, offering stability compared to the uncertainty of increasing rents.

Recognizing the need for collaboration in an evolving industry, Sam Sawyer, CEO of Pinnacle Realty Advisors, affirms the importance of partnering with companies like UpEquity to navigate industry changes. “No single company can keep up with the pace of change and build everything internally. We’re finding awesome companies like UpEquity to help our agents and provide their offerings in our marketplace so agents would have an ability to pick and use what they really need,” says Sawyer.

The partnership between UpEquity and Pinnacle Realty Advisors aims to deliver unparalleled value to agents and the entire real estate ecosystem. By combining their expertise, resources, and shared vision, they are poised to transform the way clients navigate the real estate market, ensuring success and satisfaction.


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