4 min read · February 27, 2023

Why Realtors Are Choosing White-Label Real Estate Sponsorship

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There are over 1.5 million realtors in the United States, and those numbers are expected to grow. Though the real estate market is tumultuous, many find the work exciting, meaningful, and lucrative year after year.

The problem is that some realtors find themselves working for a brokerage when what they crave is independence. Perhaps you’re tired of splitting your commission or feeling responsible for properties that don’t interest you. Maybe you’re just ready to put your own knowledge to the test.

If so, you may find that a cloud-based brokerage is a change you need. White-label sponsorship checks all of the boxes of a traditional brokerage while giving you the freedom to create your own real estate brand.

Want to learn more about why cloud-based brokerages are the solution of the future? Read on for five reasons why more realtors are choosing white-label sponsorship. 

1. Creating Brand Authority

Working under a brokerage is often a requirement for new realtors, and it does come with some added benefits. The brokerage already has effective branding and a strong reputation from which the realtor can benefit. Clients trust realtors because they’ve heard of the brokerage they work for or, at the very least, have a positive first impression when looking at things like the brokerage’s website and online tools.

When you opt to use a cloud-based brokerage, you have an opportunity to build your own brand but don’t have to do so from scratch. You access easy-to-use tools to build a professional website and design a cutting-edge logo. You can implement white-label software that has already been tested rather than hiring a software engineer or learning how to create your real estate software from scratch. 

In other words, you can create your own real estate brand that looks professional, runs smoothly, and inspires confidence in your clients.

2. Keeping 100% of Earned Commission 

On average, real estate professionals take home an annual income of just under $50,000. Of course, this number varies greatly from market to market as higher housing prices yield higher commission rates. However, there’s one way for all realtors to increase their annual income. 

Working for a traditional brokerage often means splitting your commission even if you were the primary listing or buying agent. That’s because your brokerage provided many of the tools you needed to complete that sale or purchase and may have taken care of some of the paperwork and other services a client expects from their realtor.

You don’t have to split your commission when you opt for a cloud-based brokerage system. All you have to do is pay for the package that best suits your needs and use those digital tools to do what you do best: help clients buy or sell their homes. You get to pocket 100% of your commission with each completed transaction. 

3. Gaining Freedom as a Realtor

Many realtors went into real estate to have more control over their daily schedules. Having flexible work hours can often create the path to a healthy work-life balance, especially when you have other obligations like providing care for family members.

Some brokerages may expect their realtors to take on a specific number of listings at a time or per month. They may also expect you to be in-office at specific hours of the day. This can inhibit your ability to create a schedule that suits your needs.

Cloud-based brokerages give you the virtual tools you need to run your business from just about anywhere. Plus, they grant you the freedom to take on the number of clients you desire. By going with white-label sponsorship, you can finally take control of your workload.

4. Creating Seamless Client Support

One of the reasons many realtors are wary of leaving their brokerage is that clients often expect support from start to finish, and not just when it comes to buying or selling their homes. They may also want help securing vendors to pack and move their things. They may want easy access to listings so that they can shop around independently before finding out more about an available property. 

Cloud-based brokerages like PinnacleHQ guarantee that your clients will have all of the support they expect and more. Marketing services ensure that your sellers’ listings will gain online traction. Partnerships with hundreds of vendors give clients access to top-notch services at a discount.  

The best part is that you won’t have to build this arsenal of resources from scratch in order to take provide your clients with seamless services. 

5. Becoming an Industry Authority

When you make the leap to become an independent realtor, a major part of your focus will be building industry authority. Anyone in real estate knows that competition is steep, and running your own real estate team means facing that competition head-on.

By using PinnacleHQ, you don’t just gain access to the many digital tools we’ve already discussed. PinnacleHQ also makes it easy to stay on top of continuing education credits at discounted prices, as well as cutting-edge lead generation technology that will give you access to clients in need of your services. With PinnacleHQ, you won’t fall behind the competition—you’ll become the competition.

Consider PinnacleHQ for Your Cloud-Based Brokerage

If you’re ready to take a step outside of the traditional brokerage model, you’re in the right place. Many leading realtors have already made the switch to a cloud-based brokerage, giving them the freedom to build their own businesses with all of the tools they’ll need to do so.

To find out more about PinnacleHQ and ask questions about our packages, contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your goals as a realtor and how we can make those goals a reality.