Brokerage As A Service (BaaS) for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

Embrace the future of real estate sponsorship with BaaS (Brokerage as a Service) – a cutting-edge, virtual real estate brokerage platform designed to empower agents with 100% commission, exceptional agent services, and lightning-fast support.

Our cloud-based real estate brokerage harnesses the power of proprietary software and offers subscription-based pricing, allowing you to build and expand your own brand with ease.

Discover Pinnacle Realty Advisors Brokerage as a Service platform and transform your real estate business by moving away from outdated sponsorship models. Experience a modern, cloud-based real estate brokerage that emphasizes agent-first values, lightning-fast support, and innovative proprietary software.

What are the benefits of BaaS?

BaaS is an agent-first, virtual real estate brokerage that grants you unrivaled freedom in building your business and create your own brand from the outset. With subscription-based pricing and a 100% commission structure, you can concentrate on growing your brand without the stress of hidden fees or antiquated commission splits. A comprehensive suite of customizable tools and resources is available to support your success, with the flexibility to choose how and when to utilize them.

Unlike traditional, legacy brokerages, BaaS is a broker sponsorship platform that provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility. You can access and use tools and resources in a bespoke manner that suits your needs, and if you require guidance, our dedicated professionals are on hand to provide expert advice.

Brokerage as a Service (BaaS) offers a customizable solution for real estate agents, catering to the unique requirements of both experienced realtors and newcomers. As an online real estate brokerage, BaaS provides a wide range of benefits that can be tailored to suit each agent’s individual needs, making it the perfect platform for every real estate professional.

Similar to legacy brokerages, BaaS provides a full suite of technology, training, leadership, and guidance. However, BaaS stands out as the best cloud-based real estate brokerage, offering unmatched flexibility in using these tools and resources. Agents can choose which tools to use, ensuring that they receive the support they need without any unnecessary constraints.

As a real estate sponsorship platform, BaaS eliminates the need to adhere to strict guidelines or follow specific plans. Instead, agents have the freedom to use BaaS tools and resources on its proprietary platform in a way that best fits their goals. With dedicated professionals available for guidance, agents can access expert advice and support whenever needed.

One of the standout benefits of BaaS is the ability to develop your personal brand. By choosing BaaS, you’re no longer tied to a specific brokerage brand and can create a unique identity that travels with you, regardless of your brokerage affiliation. Catering to both new and experienced real estate agents, BaaS puts you in the driver’s seat of your own business.

A top-tier BaaS provider enables agents to build their brand and business on a secure and supportive platform. As an online real estate brokerage, Pinnacle Realty Advisors equips agents with the tools to drive growth and maintain their unique identity. This 100% commission real estate brokerage fosters success by giving agents full control over their branding and business strategies. If you’d like to learn how much do realtors make with Pinnacle Realty Advisors, access the interactive real estate commission calculator.

Agents can access the essential tools and resources to execute their real estate strategies without the hype and expectations associated with traditional brokerages. Therefore, for realtors focused on building a long-term real estate career, BaaS remains an ideal sponsorship platform that offers flexible and accessible subscription-based pricing, lightning-fast support, and proprietary software.

What Makes A Sponsorship Platform a BaaS?

Several crucial characteristics distinguish a real estate sponsorship platform as BaaS. Among the most significant factors is its adaptability to cater to the unique needs of various realtors. A BaaS platform must avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and provide tailored solutions for individual agents.

cloud based icon Cloud-Based Structure
Tools and Technology icon Provide Tools and Technology
scalable icon Scalable
easy customized icon Easily Customized
fits any agent icon Fits Any Agent
accessibility icon Accessibility
Broker On Demand Broker Support icon Provide Broker On Demand Broker Support
Subscription-Based icon Subscription-Based
100% Commission icon 100% Commission

Cloud-Based Structure

In the dynamic world of real estate, flexibility, and accessibility are crucial for agent success. BaaS’s cloud-based structure offers a virtual real estate brokerage experience that allows agents to access their sponsorship platform from anywhere and at any time, keeping them connected and productive regardless of their location. It usually takes less than 24 hours to set up your subscription.

Provide Tools and Technology

A BaaS sponsorship platform should equip agents with a wide variety of tools and technology they need to thrive, but run business the way they want it to run. Whether an agent is a newcomer or a seasoned professional, they should have access to the necessary resources to achieve their goals and build their brand.


As your real estate business expands, so too do your requirements. A BaaS sponsorship platform should be scalable and adaptable, providing tailored services and support to meet each agent’s unique needs and grow without running into roadblocks. 

Easily Customized

Each real estate agent has a distinct business model and approach. A BaaS sponsorship platform should be easily customizable to accommodate an agent’s needs. With adaptable features and tools, agents can develop a tailored platform that reflects their unique business strategy. No two agents are alike, so why should their sponsorship platform be?

Fits Any Agent

BaaS sponsorship platforms should be accessible to all real estate agents, regardless of their location or operational style. The platform should cater to various types of real estate agents and REALTORs, from independent contractors to large teams.


A key advantage of BaaS is the ability to access broker support on demand. Agents should be able to obtain assistance from a licensed broker, irrespective of office hours or location. This level of support empowers agents to make well-informed decisions and ultimately achieve greater success.

Provide Broker On Demand Broker Support

One of the great things about BaaS is that you can have broker support on demand. You should be able to have access to a licensed broker when you need it without having to worry about office hours or being in the same location.


BaaS should provide more stability and clarity around the costs to run your business. With Brokerage as a Service, you should only be paying a predetermined monthly fee. Clear and simple while providing you with the predictability to be able to forecast your business costs.

100% Commission

BaaS platforms empower real estate agents by allowing them to retain their entire commission. As an agent who has put in the effort to close a deal and worked diligently for the seller or buyer, you no longer need to share a portion of your earnings with a broker. Gone are the days of reaching caps before you can keep your full commission.

With a BaaS provider, you are entitled to 100% of your commission from day one, all the time. This approach promotes fairness and recognizes the hard work agents put into their real estate transactions. Brokerage as a Service (BaaS) offers an attractive alternative to traditional real estate brokerages, enabling agents to maximize their earnings and gain greater control over their business endeavors.

To better understand the financial benefits of partnering with a BaaS provider, click here to access our real estate commission calculator. Discover how much more you can make with BaaS by comparing your current commission structure with the potential earnings of a 100% commission model.

components of baas

How Does BaaS Work?

BaaS, or Brokerage as a Service, is an innovative approach that allows real estate agents to access essential tools and support to effectively manage their businesses. As a licensed virtual real estate brokerage, the BaaS provider offers a compliance layer for agents sponsored through their platform. 

Agents holding a license in states where Pinnacle Realty Advisors services are available can sign up for a monthly fee and gain immediate access to a variety of resources designed to help them grow their business. BaaS enables real estate agents to develop unique brands and operate their businesses according to their preferences.

The BaaS business model is to give real estate agents a brokerage experience that is unique to each agent and thus a better brokerage experience for each agent.

What Are the Advantages of BaaS?

Sponsorship with a BaaS provider presents numerous benefits for real estate agents. The primary advantage is the freedom it grants. Real estate agents can conduct their business under their brand, making independent decisions and steering their business in any direction. The BaaS provider supplies the tools and support required for agents to manage their businesses effectively. Moreover, some BaaS platforms offer a brand for agents who prefer not to establish their own, allowing them to enjoy the perks of BaaS sponsorship without needing to create a separate brand.

A highly effective BaaS platform should have a brand in place for agents to use in the event that they don’t want to build their own brand. This way, agents who want the freedom provided by BaaS sponsorship without creating their own brand can still operate within the BaaS model.

advantages of brokerage as a service - baas

When done correctly, a BaaS sponsorship platform is a place where any agent can find a home because the BaaS provider offers the tools for every agent no matter what the situation.

What Are the Risks of Using BaaS For Sponsorship?

The primary concern when using a BaaS provider for real estate agent sponsorship lies in the agent’s personal attributes. BaaS platforms, such as virtual real estate brokerages and 100% commission real estate brokerages, provide an environment where self-motivated agents can flourish. However, if an agent requires constant supervision and external motivation to meet company standards, a BaaS sponsorship platform may not be the most suitable choice for them.

Agents who thrive in the BaaS environment typically possess a strong sense of self-motivation and a go-getter attitude. These individuals can effectively leverage the freedom and flexibility a cloud-based real estate brokerage offers to build their businesses and reach their goals. On the other hand, agents who need structured guidance and accountability from a superior may find it challenging to succeed in a BaaS setting.

In such cases, agents might benefit more from a traditional or legacy brokerage model. These models often provide a more hierarchical structure with defined roles and responsibilities, which can help agents who require additional support and direction in their real estate careers.

Brokerage as a Service is designed to put Realtors and real estate agents in the driver’s seat of their business instead of their broker.

BaaS Providers

Pinnacle Realty Advisors has transformed the real estate industry by launching the best BaaS (Brokerage as a Service) sponsorship platform for real estate agents. This agent-first platform offers essential tools, services, and support for industry success. Unlike conventional brokerage models, Pinnacle Realty Advisors features a transparent pricing structure, with agents paying a straightforward monthly fee. As the pioneering and leading BaaS provider, Pinnacle Realty Advisors is dedicated to supplying agents with the resources they need when they need them.

We understand our customer base better than others in the industry because we started out as the customer. As one of the leading BaaS provider, we don’t bring antiquated ideas and processes that are common in the broker sponsorship world. We are committed to providing agents with what they need when they need it.

brokerage as a service -baas-_compared_to_traditional_brokerage

Typical Cost of Brokerage as a Service

BaaS sponsorship platforms boast a simple, transparent pricing structure. Agents pay a flat monthly fee without any hidden costs or charges. For up-to-date pricing on different Pinnacle Realty Advisors, please click here.

Can You Build A Business With BaaS?

The answer is yes. Brokerage as a Service (BaaS) combines real estate broker sponsorship, virtual real estate brokerage, and 100% commission real estate brokerage, providing essential resources for real estate professionals. Pinnacle Realty Advisors cloud-based real estate brokerage equips you with the tools, services, and support needed to establish a successful real estate venture.

As an agent-first brokerage, our focus is on empowering real estate agents to develop their brands, expand their teams, and negotiate commission structures that suit their unique situations. Whether you’re a part-time agent or aiming to create a full-scale online real estate brokerage, our proprietary software and prompt support ensure access to the necessary resources.

With BaaS, your earning potential as a realtor depends on your efforts and strategies. Our real estate commission calculator makes it simple for you to evaluate your potential earnings and plan your business objectives. Utilizing our subscription-based pricing allows you to build your real estate career at a pace that works for you.

BaaS offers a considerable degree of freedom and flexibility while allowing you to maintain control over your brand. Establish your online real estate brokerage with our platform and create a sustainable, profitable business that aligns with your vision.

What if My BaaS Provider Stops Sponsoring?

What happens if your BaaS provider, offering real estate sponsorship and virtual real estate brokerage, stops sponsoring? You need not worry. If you have built your business on your own terms and under your own brand, you can transfer everything you have created to another platform.

With a BaaS provider, there is no need to fear being locked into a contract. You can cancel your 100% commission real estate brokerage subscription at any time and for any reason without penalties.

BaaS sponsorship for real estate agents, an agent-first brokerage model, truly represents the future of real estate agent sponsorship. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, so will the broker sponsorship landscape. However, the need for a brokerage model that puts agents first, such as a cloud-based real estate brokerage, will always remain relevant.

What Are the Limitations of BaaS

There really are none. BaaS as a sponsorship platform model has no limitations. The only limitations are found at the BaaS provider level.

As the creator of Brokerage as a Service, Pinnacle Realty Advisors is committed to providing all agents with cutting-edge tools, support, and service. We spare no expense when it comes to getting our agents what they need. When it comes to support, there are none better than the expert brokers we have on staff to help you with real estate-specific challenges as well as the challenges you may face as you grow your real estate business.

Is Brokerage as a Service A Good Fit For My Real Estate Business Model?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! BaaS can be used in any business model and by any type of agent. Whether you’re a full-time agent working with buyers and sellers or a part-time agent who only wants to work with buyers, BaaS can help you grow your business. And, if you’re not quite sure what type of business model you want to use, our expert brokers can help you figure it out. Just contact us now

BaaS is quickly becoming the go-to sponsorship platform for agents in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Florida with more states coming online soon. If you’re looking for a way to take your real estate business to the next level, Brokerage as a Service is the perfect solution.

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