Brokerage As A Service (BaaS) for Real Estate Agents and Realtors

BaaS, or Brokerage as a Service, is a new type of sponsorship model for real estate agents. A play on the commonly known term SaaS or Software as a Service, BaaS takes this same model into the real estate agent world with real estate agent sponsorship.

The legacy sponsorship models that most real estate agents are familiar with that still persist today no longer serve real estate agents. That’s why Pinnacle Realty Advisors created Brokerage as a Service. BaaS is designed to put Realtors and real estate agents in the driver’s seat of their business instead of their broker.

What are the benefits of BaaS?

Brokerage as a Service can have different use cases for different agents. An experienced real estate agent may utilize BaaS differently than a brand-new Realtor, and therefore receive a different set of benefits. Because of its flexibility in use cases, BaaS will have benefits that are perfect for every agent.

Brokerage as a Service comes with all of the benefits that big-box legacy brokerages offer their agents. A full suite of technology, training, leadership, guidance, and the list goes on. However, when utilizing Brokerage as a Service, you choose how you use those tools or if you even use them at all.

BaaS doesn’t require you to follow a certain plan or meet guidelines to have sponsorship. As a sponsorship platform, BaaS allows you to use the tools and resources in a custom manner that fits you. And if you want guidance, there are dedicated professionals ready to provide you with the expertise you need.

One of the biggest benefits of BaaS is the aspect of your brand. Your personal brand in real estate is one of, if not the most, important things you can curate and continue to develop. You take your personal brand with you no matter who your brokerage is.

Too often, real estate agents tie their personal brand to the brand of their brokerage. There’s nothing wrong with that until you decide to make a change in brokerages, you outgrow the brokerage, or maybe they institute some changes that don’t align with your career. Then, all the time you spent creating your brand is lost and you have to almost start over.

Using BaaS as your real estate sponsorship platform allows you to create your brand the way you want it from day one. A great BaaS provider will allow you to build your brand and your business on top of their platform without getting in the way. In fact, a great BaaS will give you all the tools you need to have the growth you want.

If you aren’t interested in building your brand or even making real estate your primary career or long-term career then using BaaS as your sponsorship platform is great for you as well. With Brokerage as a Service, you won’t be required to buy into all of the real estate career “hype” seen at legacy brokerages. You take the tools you need to execute your real estate strategy and get the sponsorship required without all of the ancillary requirements found with most brokerages.

What Makes A Sponsorship Platform a BaaS?

There are several key aspects that make a real estate sponsorship platform BaaS. One of the main components is that the sponsorship platform can be used differently by different agents. There cannot be a one size fits all approach.

cloud based icon Cloud-Based Structure
Tools and Technology icon Provide Tools and Technology
scalable icon Scalable
easy customized icon Easily Customized
fits any agent icon Fits Any Agent
accessibility icon Accessibility
Broker On Demand Broker Support icon Provide Broker On Demand Broker Support
Subscription-Based icon Subscription-Based
100% Commission icon 100% Commission

Cloud-Based Structure

This really means that a true Brokerage as a Service model can be used and accessed anywhere at any time by any real estate agent. Agents from all over should be able to tap into the resources of a BaaS and be able to get plugged in instantly.

Provide Tools and Technology

BaaS sponsorship platforms should provide real estate agents with a wide variety of tools and services so that any type of agent can join and have access to whatever they need to make their business run the way they want it to run.


The ability of a BaaS to scale with an agent’s business is important. As an agent’s business grows, the BaaS sponsorship platform should be able to provide more services and support so that the agent can continue to grow without running into roadblocks.

Easily Customized

BaaS should be easily customized to the agent’s business model and needs. No two agents are alike, so why should their sponsorship platform be?

Fits Any Agent

A BaaS platform should not corner real estate agents into one particular way of doing business. The whole point of BaaS is that it can be used for any real estate agent the way they want to use it. The sponsorship platform is there to serve your needs not the other way around.


Agents operating under BaaS should have access to all of the tech, tools, and broker support they need to grow and thrive within their own businesses. BaaS should be accessible to all agents no matter where they operate.

Provide Broker On Demand Broker Support

One of the great things about BaaS is that you can have broker support on demand. You should be able to have access to a licensed broker when you need it without having to worry about office hours or being in the same location.


BaaS should provide more stability and clarity around the costs to run your business. With Brokerage as a Service, you should only be paying a predetermined monthly fee. Clear and simple while providing you with the predictability to be able to forecast your business costs.

100% Commission

With BaaS, there’s no more splitting commission with your broker. You are the agent who earned the deal and worked hard for the seller or buyer. No more giving away a piece of the pie. No caps to reach before you “get” to keep all of your commissions. From day one with a BaaS provider, you should be keeping 100% of your commission 100% of the time.

components of baas

How Does BaaS Work?

Brokerage as a Service is actually quite simple. BaaS is a sponsorship platform that is accessible to any real estate agent with a real estate license in any state where the BaaS is offered. The BaaS provider is a licensed brokerage and provides a compliance layer for the agents sponsored through the BaaS platform.

Real estate agents sign up with the BaaS sponsorship platform for a monthly fee and immediately gain access to all of the tools and support they need to take their real estate business in any direction they choose.

The BaaS business model is to give real estate agents a brokerage experience that is unique to each agent and thus a better brokerage experience for each agent.

What Are the Advantages of BaaS?

The advantages of sponsorship with a BaaS provider are many. Building your business on a BaaS platform allows you as the real estate agent the ultimate freedom. You can build your own brand, run your business the way you see fit, and take whatever you have built with you whenever you leave. The tools and support are in place for you to use any way you wish.

A highly effective BaaS platform should have a brand in place for agents to use in the event that they don’t want to build their own brand. This way, agents who want the freedom provided by BaaS sponsorship without creating their own brand can still operate within the BaaS model.

advantages of brokerage as a service - baas

When done correctly, a BaaS sponsorship platform is a place where any agent can find a home because the BaaS provider offers the tools for every agent no matter what the situation.

What Are the Risks of Using BaaS For Sponsorship?

The real risk of using a BaaS provider for real estate agent sponsorship actually lies with the individual agent. If an agent lacks motivation and needs to be held accountable by a superior or by company standards, then utilizing a BaaS sponsorship platform probably isn’t an environment where that agent can thrive. If you know that you aren’t a go-getter with a healthy dose of self-motivation, then you may actually benefit more from a legacy brokerage model.

Brokerage as a Service is designed to put Realtors and real estate agents in the driver’s seat of their business instead of their broker.

BaaS Providers

Pinnacle Realty Advisors has created the first-ever BaaS sponsorship platform for real estate agents. Built over the course of the last several years and out of a desire for a platform with an agent-first mentality, Pinnacle Realty Advisors now fills a role that has been lacking in the real estate agent industry.

We understand our customer base better than others in the industry because we started out as the customer. As the first and leading BaaS provider, we don’t bring antiquated ideas and processes that are common in the broker sponsorship world. We are committed to providing agents with what they need when they need it.

brokerage as a service -baas-_compared_to_traditional_brokerage

Typical Cost of Brokerage as a Service

The great thing about the BaaS sponsorship platform model is that pricing is plain, simple, and transparent. An agent pays a simple monthly fee. That’s it. To view current pricing for Pinnacle’s BaaS product, click here.

Can You Build A Business With BaaS?

Absolutely. Our sincere hope is that real estate agents take the tools, service, and support found within the BaaS environment and leverage those into the real estate business of their dreams. We’ll be here in a support role to make sure it happens seamlessly.

Agents can build teams, create their own brands, and even negotiate commission splits with their teams if that’s what works for their unique situation. When you build your business on top of a BaaS platform, you truly can build your business your way.

And, while you absolutely can build a real estate business using a BaaS platform, it isn’t a requirement. Part-time agents can still leverage the freedom and flexibility inherent to Baas sponsorship to broker transactions when and how they want to on their own timeline without being beholden to a broker who wants to see more production.

What if My BaaS Provider Stops Sponsoring?

If your BaaS provider decides to get out of the agent sponsorship business or goes under, you aren’t left high and dry. Because you built your business on your own terms with your own brand, you can take everything that you have created and take it with you.

There is no such thing as being locked into a contract with a BaaS provider. You can cancel at any time for any reason without penalty.

BaaS sponsorship for real estate agents truly is the future of real estate agent sponsorship. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, so too will the landscape of agent sponsorship. However, one thing is certain: the need for a brokerage model that puts agents first will always remain.

What Are the Limitations of BaaS

There really are none. BaaS as a sponsorship platform model has no limitations. The only limitations are found at the BaaS provider level.

As the creator of Brokerage as a Service, Pinnacle Realty Advisors is committed to providing all agents with cutting-edge tools, support, and service. We spare no expense when it comes to getting our agents what they need. When it comes to support, there are none better than the expert brokers we have on staff to help you with real estate-specific challenges as well as the challenges you may face as you grow your real estate business.

Is Brokerage as a Service A Good Fit For My Real Estate Business Model?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! BaaS can be used in any business model and by any type of agent. Whether you’re a full-time agent working with buyers and sellers or a part-time agent who only wants to work with buyers, BaaS can help you grow your business. And, if you’re not quite sure what type of business model you want to use, our expert brokers can help you figure it out. Just contact us now

BaaS is quickly becoming the go-to sponsorship platform for agents in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Florida with more states coming online soon. If you’re looking for a way to take your real estate business to the next level, Brokerage as a Service is the perfect solution.

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