5 min read · November 15, 2022

Real Estate Agent Marketing Facts Every Agent Should Know

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Over the course of the pandemic, a booming real estate market and shifting economy led to a huge increase in American real estate agents. Now that things are starting to slow down, many are discovering that they aren’t cut out for the job.

Does that mean that only seasoned real estate agents will survive? Absolutely not.

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’re looking to build your own brand for the first time, you’re going to need to know the latest real estate agent marketing tactics. We’re here to tell you what works so that you can survive the changing tides.

Read on to learn about the marketing facts all real estate agents should know.

Your Online Presence Matters

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If the recent report from the National Association of Realtors taught us anything, it’s that your online presence matters. Yes, online tools became more important as a result of the global pandemic. In 2020, a whopping 97% of buyers turned to the internet to start looking for available housing.

Despite changing protocols and a reduced need for things like social distancing, these trends aren’t likely to shift dramatically. People now use their computers and phones (which, alongside tablets, accounted for 76% of real estate-related searches) to find information about everything, and that includes real estate.

That means that you need to invest in your website, and digital listings. The report also found that 95% of realtors use email on a daily basis to communicate with clients and other agents, indicating that digital correspondence is an important tool for anyone in the real estate industry. Moreover, embracing social media platforms is becoming increasingly vital. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and effectively engage with clients and other agents, consider exploring the benefits of social media management. 


Print Marketing Is Not Lost in the Digital Age

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Does this shift to digital marketing mean that real estate agents should stop investing in print marketing? Definitely not.

First, let’s take a look at consumer trust. It’s no secret that most consumers, including home sellers and buyers, trust the recommendations of friends and family more than anything else. However, 66% of consumers also trust online reviews–and the same percentage of consumers trust printed writeups such as magazine or newspaper articles. 

Getting your name into a publication isn’t the only way to use print to your advantage. Recent statistics found that direct mail yields a return on investment of over 100%. If you’re looking to build brand recognition and brand trust, print marketing is a cheap and effective tool to use alongside a robust digital marketing plan.

Video Will Make a Huge Difference

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We’ve all heard the statistic that humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. While there’s a lot of speculation about the accuracy of this statistic, one thing is true: most consumers prefer to learn via video content, rather than written content.

In the world of real estate, video marketing makes perfect sense. For years, we’ve understood the importance of high-quality listing photos and descriptions. Now, it’s time to add a high-quality video tour of your property to the list of smart marketing tactics.

In fact, providing a video tour or virtual walkthrough can increase leads by up to 50%. While creating video content can come with a learning curve (or the added expense of hiring a professional), it’s worth the time, effort, and money. Thanks to tools like drones and virtual rendering software, it may not take as much effort as you think.

Staging Is a Marketing Tactic

All of the marketing ideas for real estate agents we’ve discussed so far have been about generating interest. Online and print marketing can grab the attention of potential sellers and buyers who need to know who you are before they choose to work with you. What can you do once you start to secure clients?

Let’s talk about the power of staging. Professional staging does more than give your property a makeover. It also impacts your ability to sell that property fast and at a competitive price. Staged homes sell faster on average and at a 1-5% higher price point than homes that aren’t staged.

Why does staging work? Much of it has to do with sparking the imagination of potential buyers. When you show a property at its full potential, buyers are better able to envision what their lives (and belongings) would look like in that home. 

Your Brand Is More Than Your Work

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Choosing to work as an independent real estate agent grants you the freedom and financial independence you deserve. However, it also means that you aren’t relying on the branding a traditional brokerage has already developed over the years. You’re going to have to hone your own personal brand if you want to find success with a sponsorship platform.

Many agents assume that their brand is simple: they help buyers and sellers, they understand the market, and the need for their expertise is self-evident. The reality is that your brand goes far beyond selling houses. Your brand should also reflect:

  • your core values
  • the unique qualities that set you apart from the competition
  • the way you do business

Your branding should come through in everything you touch, from your logo to your website to your listings. If you want to secure clients regardless of the real estate market’s ups and downs, it’s crucial that you come up with and stick to a brand vision from the start.

Let Us Give You a Real Estate Agent Marketing Edge

These real estate agent marketing facts are just the beginning of what we have to offer. Pinnacle Realty Advisors are here to provide the white label sponsorship you need to keep 100% of your commission, work on your own time, and find success as an independent real estate agent.

To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today. We look forward to helping you grow your career as a real estate agent and granting you the independence you’re seeking while providing the support you need for success.