4 min read · November 17, 2022

The Best Type of Broker Sponsorship for Agents Who Want Independence

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In 2021 it was reported that sales of existing homes had an annualized rate of roughly 5.41 million units. With all of these units available, there is still plenty of opportunity for real estate agents, but what is the best type of broker sponsorship for agents who want independence?

When getting your broker sponsorship, you must choose the right one. With so many different options available, it’s easy to make a choice that isn’t going to benefit you much.

The best thing you can do is stay up to date on what your different options are. This is because you will be coming from a much more informed position, and you can choose a great brokerage firm.

The good news is that the Pinnacle Realty Advisors has lots of experience in knowing which sponsorships are the best for you.

So if you would like to learn what the best type of broker sponsorship is, then keep reading.

What Is A Broker Sponsorship?

We appreciate that not everyone is clear on what sponsorship is. So before we talk about the best type of sponsorship, let’s cover exactly what sponsorship is. 

A broker sponsorship is whenever a real estate broker sponsors a real estate agent. This role can allow the agent to have access to represent buyers and sellers of properties in the real estate industry.    

Finding a Good Sponsorship Platform

Good sponsorships are often hard to find in the real estate industry, which is why many real estate agents want them. While there are certain kinds of sponsorship that can be beneficial to you, there are also some bad kinds of sponsorship too.

You should always look for a broker sponsorship that is going to give you the opportunities that you want. This can be anything from owning your own brokerage or exiting the brokerage and going out as a solo agent. There are also lots of opportunities for part-time agents who want to make more profit. What is a sponsorship platform? It’s an online platform that allows real estate agents to own their own businesses while still getting the benefits of working with a well-known, established brokerage.

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There are also lots of opportunities for part-time agents who want to make more profit.  

The Best Type of Broker Sponsorship for Agents Who Want Independence

There are some great sponsorships out there. While some of them are easier to find than others, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best sponsorship deals.

Ultimately having a good sponsorship is about working out what the best decision is for you. The type of sponsorship that’s best can vary from person to person. 

What Is the Best Choice? 

It all depends on what their real estate goals are. However, when we talk about the best type of sponsorship for real estate agents who want their independence, there is one main option.

zero requirements realtor sponsor

The best type of sponsorship that you can have will allow you to not only take control when selling real estate but also make more money. 

If you can find a sponsorship that allows you to keep as much of your profits as possible, then this is the best-case scenario. Particularly if you are an independent agent. This way, no matter what real estate deals you make, you can keep the profits.

This allows you to build your real estate business without having to answer to a boss. Instead, you have the freedom to operate your real estate deals the way you want. 

The Sponsorship We Recommend

While we can’t recommend every real estate broker service, we can recommend our service at Pinnacle Realty Advisors.

We aim to give you freedom in your real estate business while still receiving sponsorship. We even aim to let you keep all of your commissions so that you don’t have to split them. 

So whether you are an agent looking for more independence or a part-time agent, come to us for the best sponsorships.

The Benefits of Getting a Good Broker Sponsor

Having mentioned the best type of sponsorship, there are lots of benefits to getting a good sponsorship. We’ve covered some of the top benefits below.

A Good Broker Sponsor

More Profit

One of the biggest benefits of having a good sponsorship is that it will bring you more profit. This is because you will generally get to keep more of your commissions.

As we’ve mentioned, not every sponsorship is willing to offer you this. Primarily because it can stop them from making more money. However, a good sponsorship will give you higher commissions, and you shouldn’t have to split them either.

More Independence

Another big benefit of a good sponsorship is that it will give you more independence. This is a huge advantage, particularly if you are trying to run a real estate business and still have your freedom.

Some sponsors will try to control the type of deals that you make and the type of work that you do. But with a good sponsor, they will let you have a lot more freedom and choose the kind of real estate deals that you want to do.

It’s Focused On You 

Unlike some other sponsorships, a good sponsor is much more focused on helping you achieve the best outcome. This means that you don’t have to worry about any catches like hidden fees.

You also don’t have to worry if the sponsor is going to start changing the terms and conditions of your sponsorship. Instead, you can focus on doing the deals that will bring you the most profit and the most success in your real estate career. 

Get The Right Sponsorship Today 

The real estate industry is competitive and finding the best type of broker sponsorship for agents who want independence can seem like a challenge. However, at Pinnacle Realtry Advisors, we prioritize you so you can get the best sponsorship. 

So if you would like to get a broker sponsorship today, or if you would just like more information, then why not check out our plans.